Trapelo Golf Club AKA Fiske Warren MA – Collaboration with the Olmsted Brothers – Not Built

Stiles worked with the Olmsted Brothers to develop a golf course on the Fiske Warren property in Weston, MA. Due to compications that arose with the routing, only 9 holes were laid out. The course was never built and today portions of the property are on land owned by the Cambridge School of Weston and a residential subdivision. Correspondence between Stiles and the Olmsted Brothers is set out below, along with a photo gallery of the site and the plans drawn for the course.

Febuary 8, 1930 report of conference with Stiles FWVisit

February 9, 1930 reportĀ of site visit with StilesĀ FWLetter

February 20, 1930 letter from Stiles to Olmsted Brothers regarding site visit FWOlmsteadLetter

Photo Gallery of Plans and Site Photos

Fiske Warren Title Block & CourseFiske Warren Title Block & Course detailFiske Warren Full Plan ViewFiske Warren Wall with MarkerCorner of North & Lexington, entrance to Fiske WarrenCorner of Lexington & French St