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The Stiles Cup was established during 2015 with the winners being determined based on the most play in club events. The winners were Audrey Robinson and Bob Casper.

The Stiles Cup2015 Winners

2015 Images

XGD InstallationXGD InstallationDSCN9936DSCN9934DSCN9931XGD System Hours After InstallDSCN9926DSCN9924DSCN9919DSCN9914DSCN9916DSCN9912DSCN9911DSCN9908DSCN9906DSCN9902DSCN9901DSCN9899DSCN9897DSCN9893DSCN9603DSCN9602DSCN9600DSCN9598DSCN9592DSCN9595DSCN9591DSCN9587

During 2014, Pine Brook commenced work on numerous aspects of a Golf Course Master Plan (MP) prepared for the club by Ron Forse. The plan guided design of the new irrigation system, components of which included a new pump house, gas generator and dredging existing ponds. A new Shack was constructed giving visitors an opportunity to view virtually every hole from 5 through 15 while enjoying a respite.  The MP includes restoring  features identified from the 1938 Aerial and 1927 Routing and Yardage Plan, tree removal, recapturing original putting surfaces, reshaping, replacing and removing bunkers, rebuilding and adding back tees, and rebuilding greens 4, 6, 8 and 18 to incorporate original Stiles features. During the fall of 2014 main lines for the irrigation system were installed and work is expected to be completed during Spring of 2015. Included are 1800 individual sprinkler heads all of which can be operated from an Iphone. Green complexes 6 and 8 have been rebuilt and now resemble the originals greens in features, bunkering and location. Back tees have been added and/or rebuilt on holes 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 15. Greenside bunkers have been restored on 5, but the front left bunker also remains. Conifers have been removed between 11 and 12, replaced by mounding and the rock outcropping between 9 and the 8th T has been brought into full view with just a handful of trees remaining, including a hickory. XGD systems have been installed on 6 and 8 as well as into 7 and 12. Photos can be viewed below.

Pine Brook 2014 Master Plan & Irrigation System Gallery

Shack & Pump House across 13 ponds.Pump House & Shack from 10th fairway.View from 14th green.Shack & Pump House from 15th fairway.From 9 Fairway with 6 at rear.New 6th green from fairway.8 Approach.View from behind 9 G.View from behind 9 G.View from 5 T.Across 9 G.5 Approach.5 Bunkers.6 Tee.6 From T.6 Fairway work.6 Fairway work.6 Approach.6 Green from left.6 Green bunker base lining.6 Green from left rear.Behind 6 G.9 Tee towards 7 & 15.7 Back T.8 Green from right rear.8 Green from rear.7 Back tee.7 From new Gold Tee8 Green from left rear..8 Green from left front.DSCN91858 green from cetner front.8 Fairway.6 Green from 8 fairway.Towards 8 tee.Rock knoll from 7 fairway.Rock knoll from 7.DSCN91947 Green approach.7 Green XGD.7 Green XGD.Mike watching the 7th green.From 15 towards 14 green.The Shack.Across 13 ponds.New mounding between 11& 12 from behind 13 green..From 15 green.15 Green.From 15 fairway across to 14 and 12.Irrigtion heads 4.Irrigation Line 4.


2013 Master Plan Prepared by Ron Forse.

New Score Card. Proposed.

Pre-1952 Pine Brook Valley Scorecard Images. Order of original holes today: 17, 18, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 7, 8, 15, 16.

Pine Brook Valley Scorecard InteriorBrook Valley Scorecard Exterior


1938 Aerial Photo of the golf course and surrounding area.

1952 Aerial Photo of the golf course and surrounding area.

The History of Pine Brook Country Club excerpt from The Life & Work of Wayne Stiles.

Gallery of Pine Brook Valley 1927 Club Book with original routing and yardage plan.

1927 Book Cover1927 Title Page1927 List of Officers 11927 List of Officers 21927 Routing and Yardage Plan1927 Course Plan_edited BL1927 Club Directory


Pine Brook Valley 1924 Ads.

Pine Brook Valley CC 1927 Stock Certificate

The 1896 Francis A. Foster House which later became the Pine Brook Clubhouse.

Pine Brook  Olmsted Brothers 1978-1979 Correspondence for exterior plantings.

Interview with Bob Crowley April 25, 2007 (WMA file).

2013 Gallery

5, 9, 7, 15, & 14 Fairways5G5th Green6G9G from 5T14 Approach17TBehind 12GBehind 15GFrom 8F to 9GFrom 10GFrom 10TFrom 12T.From 13 Towards New Shack AreaFrom 13TSupt Iacono Holding Plans Oct 2013

 2009 Gallery (hover for caption)

7T7 Fairway Bunkers L7 Fairway Bunkers R7 Fairway Bunkers Side7 Fairway Bunkers5G5 Rough5G V5T7T Grasses13 Ponds From 10FFrom 7F to 15 PondNew Back 2TNew 2T 2New 2T2 G Left1 Approach1G2G5G6F9G & 15G From 5T9G17 Collar RearAcross 8, 7 & 157G7G10G Towards 1111G From 12T11G13 Pond13 Ponds From 713G From 14T Path13G Right15FFrom 7 Towards 5Grasses Between 8 & 9Ponds From 14TRight off 14TTowards 14T5 Grasses at Corner5G7 Fairway Bunkers7 From Fairway7G7 Grasses7 Grasses7G7T Near7T Shadows8 Grasses8F9G11G From 1211G12G13 Pond & Brook15 GrassesBehind 13GFrom 5 Towards 9From Near 7GPonds & Brook

2008 Gallery 7 Fairway Bunkers & New 2nd Hole Tees (hover for caption)

Randy Jensen L & Supt Iacono on 6TSupt Iacono w Hickory Randy Jensen Watching7 Fairway Bunkers7 Fairway Bunkers7 Fairway Bunkers7 Fairway Bunkers from 7T7 Fairway Bunkers7 Fairway Bunkers7 Fairway Bunkers7 Fairway Bunkers7 Fairway Bunkers7 Fairway Bunkers2T Reconstruction2T Reconstruction2T Reconstruction2T2 Tee ReconstructionStairs to 1T1 Stairs2 Mowers 9 & 153 Mowers 9 & 159 & 15 Greens3 Stone Wall Mower3 Stone Wall3 Stone Wall Mower Close4T5G5G8G From 9T8G From 9T9F15 Collar Expansion Prep15 Collar Expansion Prep15 Upper Pond18 & Practice G16T16G Right16G RightDriveway Near 16Mowing on 10Trees Between 7 & 9Trees Between 7 & 97G From TreesOriginal 14T Location7 Grasses17 Front Collar R14 Original T Location15 Walkers PathShoveling 16GShoveling 16G7 Rough15TBird on 15 BridgeFrom 14T13G17 Collection AreaUpper Pond Towards 12GNear 14TGrasses Between 14 & 15Brush Clearing

2007 Gallery (hover for caption)

Keith Barber L & Bob Crowley R April 0711 Approach15T14G From 15F9 From 5T17 Collar Shaved17 Collar Preparation17 Collar Rear17 ApproachFrom 11G to 12T14 Approach14 Approach11G from 12T15G15 Walkers PathPractice Green October 07Upper PondPractice GreenFrom 8G14 From Hump14 Collection Area14 Approach14 Approach R13T12 Approach8 Towards 7Parking Lot Tree BloomParking Lot Tree Bloom

2006 Gallery New Turf Care Center (hover for caption)

Turf Care Center Construction October 06New Cart Barn April 06New Cart Barn from Pro Shop April 06Old Shed Building April 06Turf Care Center from 16G October 06Turf Care Center from 16T October 06Turf Care Center from Practice Green October 06New Cart Barn April 06New Cart Barn April 06New Cart Barn from 4G April 06New Cart Barn Near 1TTurf Care Center Work from 16G August 06Old Barn ExcavationOld Barn Foundation WallsOld Barn InteriorOld Barn RemainsSite from 16GOld Barn Foundation WallsOld Barn InteriorOld Barn ExcavationTurf Care Center from Practice G October 06Old Barn RemainsWall from 16G April 06Turf Care Center from 16 October 06Wall from 16G April 06Wall from 16G April 06Wall from 16G April 06Wall from 16G April 06Wall from 16G April 06Site from 16GMowing 10G7T7 Walkers Path15T7 From 158G Towards 9G11GTrees near 7G

 2005 Gallery (hover for caption)

13178G from GrassesBehind 6G6146611GForshythias near 10GAzaleas behind 1311G from 12T14 Narrow CollarGrasses Between 7&8Grasses Between 7&89 & 1513 Twilight12 Walkers Path13G from 14T7T13 PondIrrigation Work on 14Driveway Dec 05Irrigation Work on 14Old Barn & Shed Dec 05Old Cart Barn Dec 05Marking New Cart Barn Dec 05

2004 Gallery (hover for caption)

1 From 2T5 From 9F25 From Green6FBehind 1G9 Approach9F5 Approach9G13T16T5 from 88G16 Drainage Work16 Drainage WorkPineBrook13April04-5