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The East and West Courses remain a tribute to Stiles work both as a golf and as a landscape architect. Stiles prepared a 45 hole planting plan for the course and routed numerous holes around existing specimen trees, many of which still stand today. The club’s West Course hosted the 1948 PGA won by Ben Hogan. The clubhouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the terrain is evocative of many classic Stiles courses in the mountains of New England.

The club was recently informed by Metro Sewer that a 20 inch main line will be installed through the golf course in the fall of 2014. The club will host the first annual Stiles Day event in September 2015.

In addition to the Galleries and image links below, the club has numerous plans and historic images.

Ben Hogan Teeing off NH West 1948 PGA

1922 Planting Plan 45 Holes

Historic Photo Gallery

Photos at Left and Middle are of the 2nd hole on the West Course. This hole was combined in the 1990s with the 3rd hole to make a combined par 5 which uses the original 3rd green. Note the reduction in effective putting surface between 1922 and 1934. Efforts have been ongoing to recapture the original putting surfaces.

2nd Green 19222nd Green 193410th Hole East 1922

KRM Photo Gallery 2007

Planting Plan Title BlockDSCN69791948 PGA Program Cover10th Hole East 2007DSCN6948DSCN7058DSCN6931DSCN6995DSCN6986DSCN7032DSCN7074DSCN6934DSCN6936DSCN7041DSCN6959DSCN7060DSCN6966DSCN6967DSCN6940DSCN6968Bob LabbanceDSCN6973DSCN6974DSCN6977DSCN6978DSCN6981DSCN6982DSCN6983DSCN6984DSCN6985DSCN6988DSCN6989DSCN6990DSCN6991DSCN6992DSCN6993DSCN6994DSCN6997DSCN6998DSCN7001DSCN7003DSCN7004DSCN7005DSCN7007DSCN7012DSCN7013DSCN7021DSCN7016DSCN7018DSCN7019DSCN7026DSCN7027DSCN7028DSCN7031DSCN7035DSCN7036DSCN7042DSCN7045DSCN7047DSCN7048DSCN7051DSCN7053DSCN7054DSCN7055DSCN7056DSCN7057DSCN7061DSCN7062DSCN7065DSCN7066DSCN7073DSCN7078DSCN7067DSCN7068DSCN7069DSCN7070DSCN7071DSCN7072