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Wayne Stiles’ last 18 hole design was laid out on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Only 9 holes were built and the course opened for play in 1938. The routing was accomplished in a rectangular fashion on land cleared for a fire break. Frequented during the summer months by current and past First Golfers, the course retains many Stiles design elements.

President Obama At Mink Meadows 2013

Getting ReadyPractice GreenLining UpThe PuttMissed it!To the Next TeeDrivingA Good Day on the CourseSupt. Crowther

KRM Gallery 2014


Gallery of Original Plans

The original 18 hole plan had been stored off island for a number of years, in a basement. Mice at one time found the folded plan, but incredibly stayed away from the title block and most hole locations. The plan was too dleicate to scan, but was framed using materials geared towards long term preservation and returned to the club where it is now displayed in the clubhouse.

MM Plan on Clubhouse WallMM Title Block (note nibble lat ower right)MM Yardage Block18 Hole Plan Prior to FramingTitle BlockMink Meadows Revised RoutingMink MeadowsWater Mains & Treelines July 1938Well Elevations September 1939Property Diarama

KRM 2004-2007 Photo Gallery

DSCN1515DSCN1507DSCN1493DSCN1497DSCN1518DSCN1506DSCN8280DSCN1527DSCN5454DSCN4106DSCN1509DSCN8284DSCN1511DSCN1523Superintendent Crowther Wielding a Hickory ShaftDSCN1482DSCN1502DSCN1499DSCN1500DSCN1521DSCN1528DSCN1530DSCN1536DSCN1537DSCN4140DSCN5457DSCN8275DSCN8281Vineyard Ferry