March 1915 Brae Burn Existing Conditions & Topographic Plan

In March of 1915, Brae Burn member Wayne Stiles was asked to prepare an existing conditions plan of the golf course including topographic contours. The plan is a blueprint and shows the course essentially as it was played for the 1919 U.S. Open held at Brae Burn. Although not technically original golf architecture, the plan predates Stiles’ work at the Nashua CC which comenaced in the fall of 1915. The Brae Burn plan; therefore, represents Stiles’ first documented professional work associated with a golf course. The original 3 by 5 foot blueprint has been framed and is prominently displayed in the Jones Room at Brae Burn. Having left Brett and Hall in 1915, this plan is most likely the first project undertaken by Wayne Stiles in his career as a golf architect.

March 1915 Brae Burn Existing Conditions